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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Lives Post Mayo

I wish I could sit here and tell you all that we have fixed Stewart. I really wish that I could. Unfortunately, I can't. All I can tell you is that we know what is happening. How to fix it is another story.

When we were in Minnesota, none of the tests they did showed anything wrong. None of them. We were really discouraged. That's why we haven't written on here very much since. We all had such high hopes that we would be able to figure out what was going on, and when we came home we would have a plan to help. It was really hard to come home and be in the same position we were in before. Really hard.

We were told by the doctor that he didn't know how to find out what was wrong. He talked to our doctor in Salt Lake, and they decided to take his blood pressure a lot. We have a home monitor so, I started to take it when he started to feel sick. On 3 readings within 5 minutes of eachother I got these results (in order) 194/149, 80/43, 117/73. Here is a quote from The American Heart Association "Blood pressure below 120 over 80 mmHg... is considered optimal for adults. A systolic pressure of 120 to 139 mmHg or a diastolic pressure of 80 to 89 mmHg is considered "prehypertension" and needs to be watched carefully. A blood pressure reading of 140 over 90 or higher is considered elevated (high).Optimal blood pressure with respect to cardiovascular risk is less than 120/80 mm Hg... However, unusually low readings should be evaluated to rule out medical causes."

So Stewart's range from dangerously high to dangerously low to normal. What happens is it spikes and he feels really crappy, then it drops and he passes out, then it will either spike really high again and wake him up and repeat the same thing over and over again, or it will go back to normal, leaving him with a horrible headache, but fine.

They started him on blood pressure pills to raise his blood pressure, but decided that that wasn't smart, because it already raised so much on it's own. They don't want to put him on pills to lower it because of the same reasons.

We are waiting to hear back from his doctor in Minnesota tomorrow. Hopefully he will have a plan. He said that this is really rare and they aren't sure how to treat it.

We appreciate everything that everyone has done for us, and we hope to be able to tell you better news next time!


Chan! said...

I will keep praying for you and hopefully you will learn something.
I love you and I'm sorry for the trials that you have to endure.

Anonymous said...

That stinks. Have you thought about pursuing a different avenue besides the heart and brain doctors?

Stewart & Ciera Stout said...

Yes. We have been to Neurologists, Naturalists, Chiropractors, family doctors, and a ton more. We're hopefully on the right track now though! I'll put up a new post about it soon!

colorado orthodontist said...

Your story touched my heart.