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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mayo Clinic

Well, we're back! We went out to the Mayo Clinic for 8 days, and we are finally all settled in again.

I tried to put more updates on here while we were gone, but the computer I was using didn't want to work very well.

We had a lot of tests done and we found out....

Not much! We are taking Stewart's blood pressure every time he passes out to see how low it drops. It's kind of an art getting the timing just right, and I'm still working on that, but hopefully we'll get some good readings in the next few days and be able to report back to the doctor in Minnesota. They are pretty sure that he has a blood pressure problem on top of some Cardiology problems.

It was a long trip. We learned a lot, and hopefully we are now one step closer to finding out what is wrong with Stewart, and to getting him better.

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Emily H said...

Sounds very frustrating. You guys are tough for sure. Your little boy looks just like you, Stewart! Thanks for keeping us all posted. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love your cuz, Emily Stout House