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Monday, August 9, 2010

Booked Our Stuff!

Minnesota is getting closer! We're going to go in about a week. (I don't know everyone that reads this, so I'm not going to put dates... Our house is going to be watched though!)

It seems surreal that we are going to go so soon! Stewart could get better soon! We have hope. Something that we haven't had in a long time. Our lives right now are surrounded by anticipation. That anticipation brings A LOT of stress with it! I have to wean the baby, because there are too many unknown illnesses at the Mayo Clinic. Stewart called them today to make sure that we could get into see a doctor before we got tickets and everything, and the lady he talked to said that there were three cases of leprosy just recently!

So, we've had a productive day. Stewart is still passing out a lot, it's weird because he just keeps getting worse. We keep hoping that we'll just wake up and he'll be better, but so far the opposite has happened.

I just know that he will get better. We've been through too much for him to not get better!

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